Weekday Parking:

Located on North Broadway, there is an UPWARD ramp a few feet past Sola Salon.

Drive all the way up the ramp, take your parking ticket, and proceed inside the lot. Bare right, and go up the ramp TWO more levels. Once you proceed to the 6th floor, park towards the left hand side. 

Walk into the building through the GLASS entrance with the security desk (If you have any questions, there should be someone there 9am-5pm). Walk down the hallway until you see elevators, and take the elevator down to LOBBY. You will see another security desk- enter through the brown doors next to the desk, and through the hallway. I will be down the hall to the left- Suite 4!

This lot is PAID parking only- you pay on your way out at a machine!

There are also other lots, as well as metered street parking (1 hour parking only).

TO EXIT: You will take the elevator from the lobby to FLOOR 4! The 4th level in the building is Parking level 6 in the lot!  You will see a sign on the wall saying which direction to walk to for the parking lot, and you will just follow the hallway to the exit. 

There is a payment machine right outside the glass entrance into the lot- you can pay there or upon exit. 

Weekend Parking:

Located on North Broadway, there is a DOWNWARD ramp- "Reserved Parking" a few feet past Sola Salon.

Drive DOWN the ramp. Stop before the gate, and press the intercom. Security will answer, and you should respond "I have an appointment at Sola". They will open the gate for you, where you will drive into the lot. You may park on the floor you enter on, and walk back up the ramp, and enter Sola through the front entrance (North Broadway). Walk straight down the hall, and I am Suite 4 on the RIGHT hand side!

TO EXIT: Drive DOWN the ramp that is in the beginning of the lot, and you will end up back on North Broadway. 

This lot is FREE, and ONLY available on weekends or AFTER 6 during the weekday. Your car may be towed if you park during the week, as they are reserved for other units in the building.

If you park in another lot, or on the street, you will have to pay (*Metered parking is limited to 1 hour at a time).